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Do you know that the „Polish word of 2017” chosen by our millennials’ generation was actually an emoji?

XD  – pronounced [ iksde ], better known as:

Zrzut ekranu 2018-08-31 o 10.58.44




You can use it instead of  “to zabawne” or “to śmieszne”  (eng. that’s funny), but only if you are talking to a teenager or… his or her parent. XD


To pimp your Polish you should also learn very popular Polish shortcuts:


dzięki or dzięks   instead of        dziękuję  (eng. thank you)

siema                                            jak się masz? (eng. how are you?) or even cześć (eng. hi)

w porzo                                        w porządku (eng. everything is fine / in order)

spoko                                           spokojnie  (eng. calm, but the real meaning is: cool, fine, good, ok)

nara or narka                               na razie  (eng. see you later)

pozdro                                         pozdrowienia  (eng. greetings)


But if you really want impress your Polish friends, try to write SMS like a Polish millennial:


dz dzięki

nmzc nie ma za co (eng. you’re welcome)

nwmnie wiem (eng. I don’t know)

jj już jestem (eng. I’m here)

zw zaraz wracam (eng. I’ll be right back)

cr?co robisz? (eng. What are you doing?)

djdo jutra (eng. see you tomorrow)

bdbędę (eng. I’ll be there)

bdpbędę później (eng. I’ll be later)

czkczekaj! (eng. wait!)

mżlmożliwe (eng. possible)

pppa pa (eng. bye bye)

lclubię cię (eng. I like you)

kckocham cię (eng. I love you)


Finally, I have to mention: we love idioms!

You will find some of them HERE or HERE.


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