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Are you stuck in a rut with your Polish?


Are you going to start learning Polish from  scratch?

5 tips below will be useful for both of you.


Learning Polish is a long-term process and you will experience ups and downs, going back and forth, forgetting and learning again. READ MORE HERE

It’s like my yoga classes. I started them one year ago and after my first class I felt like I was done: soreness and pain for a week. Actually, it was possible to handle… unless the next classes were even more difficult.

I’m not only talking about difficult asanas to do. I am also talking about my brain and memory. I could remember literally – nothing. I was not able to repeat anything at home. It was just impossible to manage.

What was my key to succeed?

Perseverance. READ MORE HERE

Twice a week classes with no excuses.

Now, I’m still alive and my yoga gets better.


So your Polish also will.

But only if:

  • you keep going for months (or years if needed) 
  • you pay attention to this work – find specific time and place for your “focused learning” and do some “diffused learning” 
  • you switch between different ways of learning and different activities 
  • you are patient and you take your time 
  • discover what kind of learner you are 


We teach Polish:

  • one – to – one Polish classes in Warsaw  (ul. Żurawia 6/12 lok.750) 
  • one – to – one Polish lessons on-line
  • one – to – one In – Company Polish courses
  • crash courses of Polish for Specific Purposes
  • immersion course of General Polish or Polish for Specific Purposes
  • Polish for Foreigners group courses in Warsaw

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