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  • You will speak Polish every time you really need it instead of following a standardized curriculum. We teach modern Polish language which can be used in your everyday life in all situations.
  • You will achieve important complex linguistic skills in an easier manner. We don’ t separate content and its form by extracting some single grammar rule from it. We give you useful structures in an accurate context rather than declension or conjugation by themselves.
  • You will receive interesting materials, relevant to your work, hobby or other needs. We’ve got our own database with all kinds of materials, stories and handouts.
  • You will not (so much;) struggle with new Slavic sounds, all this Polish crackling noise. We manage it with Polish phonetics training including both – auditory and pronunciation parts.
  • You will use new tech and apps. You will have easy access to your Polish stuff anytime and anywhere. You will switch on your device and enjoy learning Polish even if you, unfortunately, forgot to take your notes with you. We’ve got online resources.
  • Are sense of humour, an air of cooperation and a nice atmosphere important for you? Actually, there is no better buffer to help humanity survive in difficult circumstances 😉

You learn Polish. We support your effort.



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