Cup of Polish

Polish for Foreigners

Do you want to speak Polish every time you really need it instead of following a standardized curriculum during your Polish Language Course?


You choose the content of your Polish classes

We prepare the curriculum for your Polish lessons



You will learn Polish which can be used in your everyday life in all situations. We always adapt Polish language courses’ content to your needs.

Polish language can be learned through very different topics. Polish language classes can be designed on the basis of your interests to attract your curiosity and attention. Polish language lessons and homeworks are much easier when you learn what you’re really interested in.

That’s why content of Polish classes is always yours. We tailor it to you.


We offer:

  • one – to – one Polish classes in Warsaw ( ul.Żurawia 6/12 lok.750)
  • one – to – one Polish lessons on-line
  • one – to – one In – Company Polish courses
  • crash courses of Polish for Special Purposes
  • immersion course of General Polish or Polish for Special Purposes
  • Polish for Foreigners group courses in Warsaw ( ul. Żurawia 6/12 lok.750)


Feel free to contact me:

tel. +48 508 700 508

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