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How much time do I need to accomplish beginner level in Polish?


If you check CEFR for Polish language, you will find out that there are no specific numbers giving you an idea how many hours foreigners need to complete A1 level.


It depends on your mother tongue.

It depends if you know other Slavic languages.

It depends how much time you can spend on learning Polish.


Usually, Polish schools build their courses with around 60 lessons for A1 level which is the basic one and the same amount of hours for A2 level. Actually, it means that you need – let’s say 120 hours to reach A2 level.


I would personally say that Polish entry threshold is the most challenging for most of my students. I can observe really nice progress when people learn 2 – 3 times a week. They do around 100 hours a year and they succeed in progressing by one level a year.


If you learn Polish for one hour a week, it will take over one year, twice a week – half a year.

As you can see, you need to spend some time on your Polish to feel comfortable and to be able to express yourself in Polish in a more sophisticated way.

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