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At school or not at school?

Cup of Polish
One-to-one Polish Classes
23 March 2021
Cup of Polish
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23 March 2021

Recently, during my Polish lesson a student said to me: „Let’s forget about all of these Polish grammar rules!” and in my opinion he’s somehow right.

Yes, learning a language, learning Polish is very much about rules. You have to follow some Polish grammar patterns and learn very much structured basic Polish vocabulary. That’s obvious. Although, it’s also very much about matching different dots – connecting information from different sources.

 In other words, to learn Polish effectively, you need both:

“focused learning” – regular Polish classes with goals, topics, books, materials, vocabulary, rules, exercises and homework planed with or by your Polish teacher.


“diffused learning” – Polish entertainment, more relaxed and distracted way of learning while being focused on something else.

The second one is on you.

How to do this?

Go out with your Polish friends, have a walk, go shopping or to a party. Be open minded. If you watch, read and listen what is around you, your brain will unconsciously, subconsciously learn Polish. You will definitely catch some popular words and sentences.

  • Read banners, billboards and ads in Polish on the street
  • Read restaurants’, pubs’ and bars’ menus in Polish
  • Read newspapers’ and lifestyle magazines’ headlines in Polish
  • Follow some Polish websites in social media
  • Listen to the Polish radio
  • Listen to Polish songs
  • Speak Polish to your Polish colleagues and friends

As a Polish language learner you need to go back and forth between these two ways of absorbing any language – the first one: very focused, precise and structured and the other one: very open, every-day-life, distracted and relaxed.

We teach Polish:

  • one – to – one Polish classes in Warsaw  
  • one – to – one Polish lessons on-line
  • one – to – one In – Company Polish courses
  • crash courses of Polish for Specific Purposes
  • immersion course of General Polish or Polish for Specific Purposes
  • Polish for Foreigners group courses in Warsaw