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Let’ s explain something about effective one – to – one Polish language classes!




  • Polish is not your first foreign language.
  • Polish is not your first choice language to communicate, even if you live in Poland.
  • Polish is not a must to live and work in our country.


for sure


  • It is nice to have some small talk in Polish in order to break down the walls while meeting Poles.
  • It is useful at work to understand and not to guess what is really happening.
  • It is worthwhile to take a full part in professional life and speak specialized Polish language in your environment.


that is why


  • You will receive a personalized, task – oriented curriculum of your Polish course.
  • You will use excellent materials taking into account your individual learning style and your speaking Polish needs.
  • You will find professional and cultural subject areas a very important part of Polish classes from the very beginning.


we offer:


  • one – to – one Polish classes in Warsaw  ( ul. Żurawia 6/12 lok.750) 
  • one – to – one Polish lessons on-line
  • one – to – one In – Company Polish courses
  • crash courses of Polish for Special Purposes
  • immersion course of General Polish or Polish for Special Purposes
  • Polish for Foreigners group courses in Warsaw – beginning: August 2016



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